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Kolposkop — medical optical or video the device for carrying out a kolposkopiya. For the first time the technique of a kolposkopiya was provided by Hans Ginselmann (1884 — 1959) in 1925 in Germany.
Group: Colposcopes
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Laparoskop - the surgical tool supplied with the visual, lit pipe. Vnutrennya a tube of a laparoskop contains optical system from tiny cores and lenses.
Group: Laparoscopes
Endoscopic bags for drugs
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WM-EBS-100 of Endobag (container receiver). It is used for extraction of the deleted bodies. Small size. Diameter of an endobug is 80 mm + 5 mm. Depth of an endobug is 150 mm + 8 mm. The maximum volume of an endobug is 100 ml. WM-EBS-200 of Endobag (container receiver). It is used for...
Group: Equipment for endoscopic surgery
Device A.M.I. HAL-Doppler System, ultrasonic for alloying of hemorrhoidal arteries
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A.M.I. HAL-Doppler System Dezarterization of hemorrhoidal nodes under control of a dopplerometriya with a mukopeksiya and lifting of mucous: Minimalnoinvazivny, organ-preserving technology of surgical treatment of a hemorrhoidal illness of different stages. Organ-preserving operationIt can be...
Group: Proctology equipment
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Tsistorezektoskop — the endoscopic device intended for surgical treatment of urological diseases (carrying out a prostatectomy, for a transurethral electroresection of a neck of a bladder at its sclerosis and so forth).
Group: Cistorezektoscopes
Endoscopic MINIC-S aspirator
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The endoscopic aspirator, MINIC-S suction, is used to removal from the area of research of slime, blood and other harmful substances preventing to study object of research or harmful to the patient. MINIC-S suction, the MMC-1500SDX model, has big productivity at a suction (l/min), big (but...
Group: Equipment for endoscopic surgery
Endoscopes are medical
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We deliver all range of the endoskopicheskogomeditsinsky equipment, vklyuchayaendoskop (fiberscopes)
Group: Endoscopes
Computer Philips Ingenuity 128sl tomograph
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257000 EUR
The computer Philips Ingenuity 128sl tomograph (from clinic in Germany, without intermediaries. You can arrive to us and estimate the car. Dismantle begins approximately on January 10 - 14, 2016) Exclusive reliability Until recently when carrying out KT too often it was necessary to look for...
Group: Tomography equipment
Slice PhilipsBrilliance 64 scanner
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PhilipsBrilliance 64-slice Year of release: 2008 Producer: philips Description and technical characteristics: PhilipsBrilliance 64-slice Brilliance CT 64 productions Philips The high-class device of the Brilliance 64 platform - the slice scanner is one of the most perfect KT of systems in the...
Group: Colour ultrasound scanners
Tomograph of open type (bezgeliyevy) premium class of Siemens 0.35T MAGNETOM C!
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220000 EUR
TOMOGRAPH OF OPEN TYPE (BEZGELIYEVY) OF THE PREMIUM CLASS Siemens 0.35T MAGNETOM C! — open high-class magnetic and resonant tomograph, one of the best in a line of Siemens of a ratio price/quality. The tomograph is gel-free that will serve as huge economic benefit. Magnetic field 0.35T. Powerful...
Group: Medical appliances
Sfinkterometr Solar WPM
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SFINKTEROMETR SOLAR WPM System for carrying out a sfinkterometriya and therapy by the principle of biological feedback of Solar WPM, production of MMS firm (Netherlands). An assessment of a condition of muscles of a pelvic bottom and an anal sphincter, biofidbek therapy on pressure and EMG....
Group: Medical facilities
Urodinamichesky Solar Blue system
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Urodinamichesky Solar Blue system It is important to sick person that the doctor could give him help, relieve of pains, and can be, completely cure an unpleasant disease. The doctor in an arsenal had a new Solar Blue system for urodinamichesky researches from the Dutch company MMS. The diagnosis is...
Group: Systems urodynamic


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